- Pumpkin Tree Snacks - Healthy Snacking Q&A

We currently stock these delicious and perfect on the go snacks at Grill Market Lomax, Chelsea. We thought it would be great to sit down with the brains behind Pumpkin Tree and see how they came up with this delicious snack!

How did Pumpkin Tree start?
It wasn’t that easy to find healthier snacks that kept up with our on-the-go lifestyles. There was often a compromise, on taste or convenience, with the snacks that we could easily buy. We started Pumpkin Tree and set out to explore new healthy, tasty & convenient snacking for adults.

What is your vision for the brand?
We want to make it easy for people to have access to healthier snacks when they want to. There shouldn’t be compromise. Snacks should always taste amazing, be genuinely healthier and be convenient to eat on the move (we can't get enough of the squeezy pouches! )

Where do you see the brand going?
Healthy eating has become an important part of day to day life. We’re always working on new things and would like to create more delicious adult snacks inspired by healthy ingredients.

How do you think it can help people in their everyday snacking life?
Toasted Oat Crush is perfect when you’re out and about. Throw one in your bag and eat nutritiously on the move... perfect for post gym, an afternoon snack or on the tube.

We totally agree with Pumpkin Tree Snacks ethos, so many snacks are advertised as a healthy option but in reality are full of sugar and preservatives. These delightful little snack pouches are literally packed full of the good stuff with nothing artificial in sight!

Be sure to come down to Grill Market Lomax in Chelsea for a FREE tasting from 10am this Saturday 12 December.