Q&A with London Paleo Girl - Founder of Co Fro -

The month of December always seems to be the busiest and most indulgent time of year. We sometimes forget to slow down and treat ourselves, especially with something that tastes indulgent but without the guilt.

Tessa Seward aka London Paleo Girl has been working on a seriously secret Co Fro recipe to combat those winter blues and turn your December sweet treats on its head - now there is no excuse to only treat others this Christmas, you deserve to be treated too! 

We sat down with Tessa and asked her a few questions about how this whole Co Fro passion came about!

First of all why Paleo?
I suffered really badly from Glandular Fever and ME (chronic fatigue) a couple of years ago, which really took it out of me. I tried everything and nothing seemed to make me feel better so one day I decided I would look into my diet and was recommended to try the Paleo diet.

Did it make a noticeable difference?
It has made a huge difference! I feel 110% these days which is such an amazing feeling.

So why Co Fro?
I have such a sweet tooth and I think that was always the hardest part of sticking to the Paleo diet, it got me thinking about what I could eat to satisfy this serious sweet tooth and after some considerable deliberation and taste testing I realised that frozen coconut yoghurt was definitely the way to go, substituting my love of ice cream.

What exactly makes up Co Fro?
Co Fro is a bio-fermented coconut soft serve, it is free from refined sugar, dairy, soy, gluten and is paleo and vegan friendly. It is so delicious (if I do say so myself) and only has 150 calories per 'naked' serving. 

We are quite excited to have Co Fro in our Chelsea site and are even more excited to talk about the toppings that will be adorning this delicious coconutty Co Fro!

The first round of toppings will see some great brand collaborations (there are more to come as we approach Christmas) - 

1 - Our homemade granola with a drizzle of mixed berry compote
(SF, DF)
2 - Pip&Nut cashew, honey & cinnamon butter, our homemade apple compote & a sprinkling of granola
(SF, DF)
3 - Pip&Nut peanut butter, our homemade vegan 'oreo' crumble & fresh raspberry
(SF, DF, GF)
4 - Neat Nutrition Thickshake - vanilla protein, espresso, our homemade salted coconut caramel & coconut milk
(GF, DF - if choosing vegan, SF)

The official Grill Market and Co Fro launch will kick off this Saturday 5 December from 9am - get in this month while stocks last!