Samantha is a trainer at Heartcore, one of London's most prestigious Pilates studios. She also managers to squeeze in the occasional shift at Grill Market whilst she completes her Nutritionist qualification and trains clients. She sat down with us for 5 minutes so we could get to know her and get an insight into her busy health and fitness routine. 


GM: Samantha, what did you do before you got into the health and fitness industry? 

S: I've been working in fashion for the last 7 years, at various head offices in luxury fashion companies in London. I started studying Nutrition towards the end of my fashion career and that's when I realised I was more passionate about fitness and food over fashion. 

GM: What is your daily routine like? 

S: I wake up, I have my green smoothie (recipe below) and get on the tube to teach my Heartcore classes. After teaching I go and take a class myself, pilates, trx or ride to tone at the new Nottinghill Studio. Then I have a few hours of emails, life admin, working on my new website and catch ups with friends before teaching again in the evening. Then eat, sleep and repeat. 

GM: what is your breakfast shake made of? 

S: A scoop and a half of Neat Nutrition Vegan chocolate powder with 250mls of coconut water. Blended with a tsp of cacao powder, tsp matcha powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 cubes frozen spinach and a spoonful (or two) of hazelnut butter. 

GM: what is your favourite type of fitness? 

S: Anything to get my sweat up. I do a combination of trx/hiit training, pilates, spinning, yoga and weights. I need to mix it up to keep my body working hard to avoid a plateau in my fitness. 

GM: what do you eat after your work outs? 

S: Heaps of food haha. Protein heavy / carb rich meal. Usually chicken and a mix of Grill Markets salads. My favourite is the GM roasted miso aubergine - bring it back!! 

GM: What is your biggest tip for waking up so early in the morning? 

S: Set about 5 alarms! Have your shake pre prepped the night before if you won't have enough time. Have your clothes ready to go to avoid rummaging around for that sock or crop top. 

GM: Early mornings and late nights must exhaust you. How do you keep your immune system boosted? 

S: I take VITL health tablets. I make sure I rest when I need to and avoid over training. If I don't have the energy to workout - I won't. 

GM: When it comes to Nutrition, most people these days cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, carbs... the list is endless. What is your biggest nutrition tip? 

S: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!!! Your body is unique, listen to YOUR body. Ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on yourself. 

Samantha Charles 

Instagram: @samanthacharlesmarr 

Website: www.eatwithsamantha.com

Thanks gorgeous. I'll be setting 5 alarms tomorrow, making your choc green hazelnut shake and getting my butt to one of your Heartcore classes. Check her out on the Heartcore website!