FITFOOD is here at Grill Maret Lomax; Macro calculated meal plans freshly prepared and delivered to your door

Eating healthy but not seeing the results you want? Maybe you aren't eating enough, too much, or at the wrong time. Unfortunately all these factors will play a role in your progress. If you are serious about seeing change, you have to make a change and this is where Grill Market can help. Not only do we have Take It Easy, Jinn and Deliveroo food delivery systems in place - we now have FitFood; a bespoke macro calculated meal prep service in collaboration with our friends and experts at Lomax.

No more spending your whole Sunday planning your weekly meals or meal prepping into hundreds of Tupperware containers. Forget measuring your food, weighing every ingredient and worrying about which spice to add to your never ending poached chicken and boring blanched broccoli. Leave it to the experts and we will do the hard work for you. The Lomax Nutritionists will calculate your macros to suit your fitness goals and we will create bespoke delicious, fresh, wholesome meal plans to match. Sound good? 

FitFood was featured on the Women's Health UK website in '5 of the Best Healthy Food Delivery Services in London' and we are pretty excited at how fast it is taking off. Here's what they had to say;
"Looking for a couture calorie plan that's in sync with your sweat? Order your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks from Chelsea's gym-meets-grill. During a nutritional 'Fitfood' consultation the team plug your stats into one of the most advanced nutrition assessment programs on the market. From this, they design a meal plan to fuel your fitness"


We already have a handful of clients who are seeing some fantastic fat loss results with our weekly FitFood deliveries.  Here is a little example of the weekly menu; 

Breakfast; Protein pancakes with natural peanut butter, maple syrup and blueberries.  

Snack; Smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber slices on brown rice cakes

Lunch; Paleo butter chicken with cauliflower rice and greens

Dinner; Satay beef with Asian greens and courgetti noodles

We offer 3 meals and a snack a day with the option of 5 or 7 days a week.  Sound like something you are interested in? Come in for a chat at our Chelsea cafe or enquire at