A day in the life of a Lomax trainer; Olli Carrier

Three months after joining the Lomax team, we sat down with Olli - the newest PT, to chat about his busy schedule, healthy lifestyle and sweet Nike kicks. 

GM: Firstly, how long have you been qualified for and how did you get to be a PT at Lomax? 

O: After finishing my bachelor in October, I qualified as a PT at the end of February and moved to London the following week. I heard about "Lomax" among friends and got in contact with Olu and was excited to meet them straight away. Before I knew it - I was teaching my first blast class. 

GM: I bet you work crazy hours. Can you tell me a little bit about your daily routine? 

O: No days are the same, for example today I set my  alarm for 4.45am to make it in to Lomax to teach the 6am Blast class followed by several PT clients. After a short lunch break I will personal train a duo, see another client and then finish off with the 8pm small group sculptor class. So yes crazy hours but it is always exciting as no two days are the same. 

GM: wow 4.45 that's early!! What are you top tips for jumping out of bed at that hour? 

O: I set two alarms just incase and I like to be woken by natural light so I leave the blind slightly open. It starts to get light about 5.15 these days so just as I am getting ready to leave. (not looking forward to winter) I hate dark mornings! 

GM: Since you are always on the go how to your plan your meals and make sure you eat healthy and on time? 

O: I try and meal prep as much as I can. So cooking in bulk is a essential. There are always days when you don't have time to plan so Grill Market have something clean and healthy to satisfy my hunger and fit my nutritional needs. I am very thankful for having Grill Market in the gym because most gyms don't have such an equipped cafe. 

GM:What is your favourite food? And you guilty pleasure? 

O: I always like to keep things simple (boring I know, don't judge) but I like chicken, rice and veggies. I mix it up with spices and oils to enhance the taste. My favourite being Nando's sauces. The Grill Market chicken is so good! Huge fan. My guilty pleasure would have to be those Malteaser Easter rabbits but I also make a banging Malteaser golden syrup slice - which is pretty much malteaser's, golden syrup and milk chocolate all melted together.  

GM: Other than making Malteaser slice and scoffing chicken and rice in between clients, how do you make time to train yourself? 

O: Some days you just have to be an opportunist with your time. I try and fit workouts into my short breaks by doing high intensity circuits whilst still keeping the weights heavy,  This is the best way to fit volume into a small period of time. 

GM: What is your favourite Grill Market post train shake? 

O: They are all good. But at the moment I am loving the Bees Knees. Banana, blueberry, vanilla whey, coconut oil, honey and ice. Perfect way to refuel. 

GM: Most people think that if you do weights you will bulk up, especially ladies. What is your advice on this?

O: For guys looking to bulk up, they have to eat a considerably large amount of food. Men also have about 16 times the amount of testosterone as ladies so this helps with the bulk. Heavy weight training for women is essential for burning fat, building lean muscles and sexy curves. Ladies, trust me lift weights, you won't bulk up! 

GM: Ok so for all those ladies out there they aren't able to make the gym this week - what is a quick circuit they can do at home?

O: Try these 5 exercises at home in the lounge room to make a quick and effective circuit. Do each exercise back to back with little/no rest. 

1. 15 x squat jumps 

2. 12 x 3/4 press up (on your knees)

3. 15 x lateral lunge jumps (alternating legs jumping side to side)

4. 20 x mountain climbers 

5. 20 x leg raises with a reverse crunch 

Rest for 1 minute. 

Repeat the circuit 3-4 times for a full body HIIT. 

GM: and lastly - your all time favourite exercise and why? 

 O: My favourite exercise would be a deadlift!!! Why - because you have the highest amount of muscle activation (using all the big muscle groups) and therefore burning a lot of calories. It is the number 1 exercise for building a strong back and posterior chain ie glutes and hamstrings. 


Thanks Olli. Ladies - book into one of Olli's classes this week or come in and try his fave post train shake. Find Olli on instagram @ollicarri.pt