Monday rolls around and before we know it we are dreading the week ahead. The early mornings, the busy days, the huge work schedule... it happens! BUT what if you could bounce out of bed on a Monday feeling SUPER refreshed and ready for an awesome week without relying on that coffee? 

Sure things will go wrong, it will rain, buses will be missed, deadlines over ran but the one thing that we can control is OUR MIND! Maybe it is just a simple tweak in your mindset or a few goals and promises for the week that you need to get off on the right foot. Let's kick that Mondayitis in the butt by making these 6 simple promises to ourselves everyday this week. 

1. I will…. set time aside for the most important person in my life… ME!! hello gym, cuppa, couch and a magazine

2. I will … get some fresh air every day either by eating my lunch outside or taking a quick walk to the coffee shop (why not walk to Grill Market for lunch or matcha balls?)

3. I will… always try and see the fun and not take things too seriously

4. I will… accept my strengths as well as my flaws

5. I will… keep in mind that I cannot control everything but instead control my way of thinking

6. I will… appreciate the simple things in life like a nice view, a pretty flower or a delicious treat


On that note HAPPY MONDAYITIS – I need another coffee …

Katie Morgan instagram; @katierobynmorgan