Got a holiday planned? Don't want to binge on airport food which is expensive and not nutritionally friendly. Grill Market is the place to stop by before your flight to stock up on healthy airport friendly snacks to save your waistline. 

When it comes to travel you need to focus on high protein, hydrating, gut friendly and healthy foods to fuel you for the long haul. 

Top 5 Grill Market travel snacks that are hydrating, high protein and wholesome; 

1. Peanut Butter Protein Balls; the perfect peanut butter protein treat that everyone will be jealous of. We pride ourselves on our inventive and healthy recipes and the peanut butter balls are no exception. Only 4 ingredients and great macros come and grab a tub of 4 today. They don't need to be refrigerated so great for the handbag.  

2. Vita Coconut water; Keeping hydrated whilst traveling is very important. Coconut water is a great way to keep those electrolytes up and the body hydrated. We stock large and small sizes available to purchase. Otherwise come and grab a protein shake made with coconut water for the pre flight or road trip.  

3. Sugar-free Cookie; The chef makes these batches of cookies fresh for you to grab and go and take with you. Always need something sweet to go with your tea or coffee? These sugar free high protein cookies are a great choice. Available in choc chip coconut or hazelnut. 

4. Pana Chocolate; the perfect handbag size of organic sugar free VEGAN chocolate that will totally satisfy the sweet tooth. It is wholesome and nutrient dense so your body will love you for eating chocolate. Sounds like the dream right? This Aussie Brand is a must try and is stocked at Grill Market Chelsea. 

5. Healthy Salad Box; Did you know you CAN take your own meals through the security at the airport? As long as it isn't a soup or yogurt liquid, you can take salads and meals. Forget the expensive airplane options and come and grab a take away salad box, napkin and fork to eat on the plane. Ranging from all types of meat proteins and a mix of multiple salads you are bound to find one you love. You pick and chose exactly what you want. Price range £7-11. 

See you soon!! Happy safe travels