Linda the queen of the Grill Market kitchen gives us 5 minutes of her time to get to know her and her little secrets behind being such an awesome chef. 

GM: Linda, what's your favourite food? 

L: Guacamole!! Because I love the fresh flavour of cilantro and avocado. mmmm 

GM: What is your favourite thing to make?

L: I love baking! Sweets! I don't like to eat them though. I try and eat dairy free and sugar free and I follow the Paleo diet. I love baking paleo treats. 

GM: You are the master mind behind the Grill Market protein bars. What is your favourite flavour?

L: Cinnamon roll!! Because cinnamon is the most amazing spice in the world. 

GM: How do you keep trim and fit whilst being around food ALL DAY LONG? 

L: Thanks to the Lomax gym for letting me burn off my treats and get fit. I always try and eat them (sweets) in moderation and don't go over the top. I stick to a healthy diet most of the time. 

GM: What's your favourite guilty pleasure? 

L: BREAD! Has to be bread! I love how the Italian's dip it in olive oil ughhhhhh. 

GM: Ok now I am going to throw some words at you and tell me which one you prefer. 

Cat or Dog? Cat...no sorry DOG. Omg dog. Why did I say cat. Definitely DOG

Tea or coffee? coffee

Lollies or chocolate? Chocolate... eww lollies. 

Squat or push up? squat

Protein bar or shake? protein bar! the Grill Market vegan bounty ones

Dessert or starter? dessert

Wine or beer?  beer .... of course I'm Czech.

Guys... Blonde or brunette? brunette. 

Peanut butter or almond butter? peanut butter!! 

Thanks Linda ! We love you!