Fallen off the bandwagon this summer? Implement these 10 healthy eating strategies to get back on track today. 

1. DRINK MORE WATER; we often mistake thirst for hunger. Keep a water bottle on you at all times and sip throughout the day. 

2. KEEP A FOOD DIARY; you are much less likely to splurge and binge when you have to write down every single m&m that passes your lips. 

3. DON'T LET A BAD MEAL TURN INTO A BAD DAY; so you ate a bad meal? So what! Move on and don't let it turn into a bad day or weekend.Enjoy it and jump straight back into healthy eating the next chance. 

4. LEARN TO LOVE COOKING; Take out is your worst enemy when it comes to healthy eating. Learn to love and cook for yourself so you know exactly what is going in your food. 

5. LEARN TO SAY NO; you don't have to accept every offer for free food or birthday cake. You CAN say no sometimes. 

6. THROW AWAY THE JUNK FOOD; if you don't have it in your house, you won't eat it. Simple. Don't buy junk if you don't want to eat it. Throw it away and start clean. 

7. ADD MORE PROTEIN; add a protein shake or some extra protein rich snacks between meals. Boiled eggs, scotch egg pots, protein bars and shakes all from Grill Market will do the trick. 

8. QUESTION YOURSELF EVERY TIME YOU REACH FOR A SNACK; are you bored? are you actually hungry? If the answer is no then skip the snack and get some fresh air instead. 

9. DON'T SKIP MEALS; sometimes people think that making up for an indulgent dinner by skipping breakfast is the way to go but you will just end up hungrier and binging again later. Aim for 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks each day. 

10. FOCUS ON THE BENEFITS OF FOOD; View every opportunity to eat as a way to nourish your body. When you eat healthy, wholesome foods you perform better mentally and physically, your skin and hair seems healthier and you just feel better emotionally. Keep this in mind when you eat. Eat for a wholesome strong body! 

*Words extracted by Melanie Katz article.