What is your favourite meal of the day? Do you wake up excited for breakfast? Long for lunch? Get madly excited about an afternoon snack? Or just count down the hours until dinner? Well at Grill Market we LOVE BREAKFAST. These are our 3 top breakfast tips and tricks to get you bouncing out of bed and fueled for a productive day. 


1. Eat food high in protein; Want that sustained energy and full feeling all morning? Add a scoop of Vanilla whey to your oats, smoothie or porridge. Or add a couple of poached eggs to your smashed avo. The protein will keep you full, feeling lean and will taste great. 

2. Prepare it the night before; Whether it is soaked oats or boiled eggs you are more likely to eat wholesome healthy food if you have it conveniently on hand. Save money (and your waistline) by preparing your breakfast the night before so you don't grab a Starbucks pastry on the way to work. 

3. Make it fun, fabulous and damn right delicious; you won't get excited about food you don't love. We all know that the digestive system starts in the brain, so if you feel negative about your breakfast it will have a negative impact. Eat what you love. Eat slowly. Eat all the colours of the rainbow. and STRESS LESS!! If you eat with love, your body will love you back. 

HAPPY FRIYAY - Katie Morgan