ONE MONTH AFTER YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS; 5 ways to stay fit and healthy

So it has been 1 month since we made those New Year resolutions. How many of us have stuck with them? And how many fell off the wagon on day 5? We don't like making restrictions here at Grill Market. We aim to focus on healthy wholesome eating and staying active. 

Sure if your goal is something more serious like a sports event or diet for medical reasons, BUT if this isn't you and you just want to stay fit and healthy all year round, follow our 5 steps and tips below. 


1. Drink your H2O. I know it cold, but you gotta get that water down to stay healthy. Try for 1-2 liters a day. You can count green and herbal tea but unfortunately black coffee doesn't count. 

2. Move your body. Lomax has started their new small group PT program. Come in and check it out. A shake will be awaiting you after if you wish in our awesome cafe. 

3. Fuel your body and make sure you eat enough protein. We use Lomax nutrition whey and plant protein in the cafe, and highly recommend you have a protein shake after you train to refuel and repair your body. This will help support your training program, it tastes delicious and will aid in your lean toned body goals.

4. Get enough sleep; unfortunately 5 hours won't cut it. Turn your phone off 2 hours before bed if you dare and get those zzzzz's in. Aim for 7-8 hours a night.  Sleeping will help you recover, give you energy, help with stress levels and weightloss. Make sleeping a priority. 

5. Walk. It is as simple as that. Walk instead of the bus when you can. Or walk to the next tube station. Park your car further away. Go for a weekend walk. Get the body moving, not for weight loss reasons but for overall health reasons. Treat yourself like a puppy - loads of sleep, cuddles, good food and walks!! Everyone loves a puppy right !!