So if you haven't met our lovely manager Aggie, the crazy, happy and beautiful lady behind our amazing cafe, here is a little 5 minutes to get to know her. 

GM; How long have you been working at Grill Market for? 

A; It will be 2 years as of the end of May. 

GM; You have a background in nutrition? Tell me more

A; I studied nutrition and I am currently studying Food Photography at Kensington College. 

GM; How did you get to become the manager here? 

A; Funny story actually. I was applying for months to work at Lomax because I loved the whole gym cafe vibes. I didn't realise the cafe was owned separately and therefore they never recieved my CV. But I persisted and used to come into the cafe and love it here.

GM; What is your favourite menu item in the cafe? And why?

A; The Wild Child Acai Bowl. Because I just love smoothie bowls. But I prefer when other people make it for me haha! 

GM; What do you think is the most 'Aggie' part of the cafe?

The flowers and hanging plants. Oh and succulents. I love succulents. 

GM; How would you describe yourself in a shake?

A; I think I am more spicy HA!! Maybe a chocolate chili shake? Not so sweet. 

GM; What do you eat in the cafe daily? 

A; I have eggs and avocado in the morning. And I am addicted to the pomegranate Chicken at the moment. 

GM; What is your best nutrition tip? 

A; Not to eat fat after you workout... and to eat an apple before you train :) 

G; What is your dream job? 

A; Oh getting invited to restaurants, eating their food and taking photos of it. That would be my DREAM job!! 

 Well there you go!! So any restaurants out there wanting their food photographed - this ray of sunshine is your girl. 

Thanks for being an awesome manager!! 

Instagram; @fitscuit