VEGAN; 5 minutes with our Vegan gal Ellen

Ellen is holding the fort for vegans at Grill Market all the way from Sydney Australia. (Just incase we didn't have enough Aussies on the team). She is the queen of the avocado rose and beautiful banana art. Come in and check her out! Let's get to know her more in 5 minutes... 

GM; How long have been vegan for?

E; A bit over a year now. So I am nutritionally vegan, however I still own leather etc. Does that count? Or am I plant based?

GM; What is your favourite Vegan Grill Market menu item?

E;  Probably the porridge. With berry compote, hazelnut butter and banana. It's the S#!t ! 

GM; Oh yes you are our talented label writer and banana art gal! You are very creative. 

E; Haha! I do love anything I can make pretty. I studied special effects make up so I always find a way to incorporate a bit of art into everything. 

GM; What do you miss most about non veganism? 

E; NOTHING! There is a replacement for everything. I can honestly say nothing. Not even cheese. But I do miss the availability of food though. 

GM: What do you wish was on the GM menu? 

E; Vegan pancakes! or Tofu scramble.... watch this space!! 

GM; Favourite food? 


GM; one last question. How do you describe yourself in a shake? 

E; A fruit smoothie with frozen bananas. Like banana 'nice' cream. Topped with Peanut butter, coconut crumbs and cacao nibs!! 

Thanks Gal !! You inspire us to take that leap towards a more plant based diet daily!!! 

instagram; @ellenngould