New Salad Menu!

Trick or Treat?

So which were you?

The annual weekend of surprises (always a mixed bag) has been and gone, far too quickly in our eyes. It seems a shame to have to wait another year until we can do it all again. The costumes might have been stashed away but one thing that won't give you a fright is news that our salads are rolling over again - all change please!! Introducing..

- Roasted beetroot and red onion with lambs lettuce, goats cheese and walnuts, served with merlot vinegar
Giant cous-cous, broccoli, cauliflower, sun-dried tomatoes,capers and harissa served with a lime dressing
Wild rice with peas, French beans, mange-tout, mint and a sesame oil dressing
Red cabbage Slaw with yellow peppers, carrots, celery, pumpkin and black sesame seeds, served with honey and mustard vinaigrette
Kale with pommegrante and flaked almonds served with pomegranate glaze

Special of the Week: our longest serving friend - Pulled Pork in a brioche with slaw, cheese and our own ranch dressing. Yes please!

Tea and Cakes, all week


Afternoons don't need to be as glum as the weather!

With the evenings drawing in and the weather getting marginally less summery, we want to do whatever we can to keep that smile on your face. That's why we are offering any hot drink with a brownie for just £3.00, every afternoon, all next week! 

We also have a new soup in town this week - Tomato & Basil served with ciabatta bread.

Special of the Week: Lamb Kofta in a flat-bread with red onion salad, mint and parsley; served with Greek yoghurt and harissa.

All Change Please..

New salads across the board from today! 

To reflect the changing of the seasons and signal the end of another harvest, we have changed all of our salads down at Grill Market. A new season brings a whole new plethora of seasonal veg, its only right we make the most of it.

You're sure to be excited, as always there're looking delicious and not from the high-street. But we want to keep the suspense building a little longer! One new salad will be announced each day via Instagram, so keep an eye on our social media and prepare to feel hungry! 

Off to a flying start

Wow, what a fortnight its been! A huge thank you to everyone who has been in during our first couple of weeks since we re-launched. Time seems to have gone out the window, its been great finding our feet again and we're loving being back. The response from you guys has been over whelming and makes it all worth while, if you haven't had a chance to come down yet please do - you wont regret it!

New this week: OFFICE DELIVERIES are now fully operational!! No need to settle for boring old triangular sandwiches any more, we'll bring Grill Market's goodness to you! 
N.B see website for more details 


This weeks special is our incredible Persian lamb flat-bread. A delicious slow cooked spiced leg of lamb, topped with pickled red cabbage, mint, yoghurt and our own dukkah spice. 

We're Back!

And better than ever! 

This is the first of our weekly newsletters since the revamp. From now on, every Monday we'll look to brighten up the start of your week by giving you an insight into Grill Market, the team and whats on the 'special' menu the commencing week.  

The food remains as delicious as ever, with sustainable meats, veg and poultry flying off our grill coupled with seasonal salads to compliement them.

Breakfast starts from 7am Monday - Friday. Lunch being served from midday onwards.

We now have a place that we are incredibly proud of, so if you're in the area please stop by and let your taste buds do the rest!

In other news we also have a new head chef - Andrei.  All the way from Romania via the kitchens of Terroire and most recently the Savoy! He really knows his onions! come and see for yourself.

Weekly Specials - such as this bad boy -pulled pork in brioche bap, cheese, slaw and ranch dressing. 
This week - sausage and seasonal veg casserole.