New Salad Menu!

Trick or Treat?

So which were you?

The annual weekend of surprises (always a mixed bag) has been and gone, far too quickly in our eyes. It seems a shame to have to wait another year until we can do it all again. The costumes might have been stashed away but one thing that won't give you a fright is news that our salads are rolling over again - all change please!! Introducing..

- Roasted beetroot and red onion with lambs lettuce, goats cheese and walnuts, served with merlot vinegar
Giant cous-cous, broccoli, cauliflower, sun-dried tomatoes,capers and harissa served with a lime dressing
Wild rice with peas, French beans, mange-tout, mint and a sesame oil dressing
Red cabbage Slaw with yellow peppers, carrots, celery, pumpkin and black sesame seeds, served with honey and mustard vinaigrette
Kale with pommegrante and flaked almonds served with pomegranate glaze

Special of the Week: our longest serving friend - Pulled Pork in a brioche with slaw, cheese and our own ranch dressing. Yes please!